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Learn with Beth Hunt Calligraphy online! No matter where you are, you can now learn calligraphy and lettering with us with our online courses on Skillshare, all listed below. So you can take classes with us from the comfort of your home. In your PJs if you want. And we promise not to judge because that sounds like a really good time to us. 

Get 2 Free Months!

As a thank you for visiting my website, I'm thrilled to offer you 2 free months of Premium membership to Skillshare when you sign up now through my referral link here. With your membership you'll enjoy access to my courses as well as thousands of other online classes on topics from arts to cooking to business and beyond. Sign up now!

Designing Invitations on the iPad Pro with Calligraphy and Watercolor Elements
Click here to take the class!
Learn to Fake Calligraphy with Beth Hunt Calligraphy
Easy Peasy Modern Calligraphy:
Writing Lovely Letters
in Faux-lligraphy
Click here to take the class!
Easy Peasy Christmas Calligraphy:
Designs for Holiday Envelopes & Beyond
Click here to take the class!
Easy Peasy Mirror Calligraphy:
DIY Mirror Signs
Click here to take the class!
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