We are passionate about preserving the art of cursive handwriting at Beth Hunt Calligraphy and offer Cursive Classes for ages 9 and up (and adults are welcome, too!). Not only does cursive writing help us write elegant correspondence, but being able to read cursive is a skill that can benefit you for a lifetime!


During your 1.5 hour private lesson you and Beth will:


  • Learn basic pen strokes of cursive writing
  • Review alphabet exemplars to focus on recognition of cursive letters
  • Form certain letters and words in cursive writing


Each participant will receive:


  • A felt-tipped pen for writing
  • Cursive alphabet exemplars designed by Beth
  • Lined cursive practice sheets


Upon receiving your order, Beth will contact you at the email address you provide during check out to confirm a date and time for your lesson. Lessons are typically given during the week.

Private Cursive Lesson