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Hello, Summertime!


The holiday weekend and its unofficial start to summertime arrived just at the right moment here. After addressing a little over 600 envelopes in a little over a week, let's just say my hand needed a mini-vacay. She got to meet some new friends after we mailed off our last box of envelopes Thursday night. How adorable is this wine glass and why have I never seen one like it before?? A thoughtful friend brought it back to me from New Orleans!


My husband's aunt and cousin were in town from Birmingham for the weekend, so we had his family over for dinner last night. The weather was rainy and we even had some pretty bad / close lightening, but the hubs still managaed to grill hotdogs and hamburgers for us to enjoy along with his hand-cut french fries (yes, they're amazing), corn salad, cole slaw, strawberry cake, and all kind of other goodness. I made some place cards and simply can't get enough of this blue right now.




This week holds new and exciting projects, including numbering first edition prints of a book from a local publisher, designing calling cards for some darling friends of my children, a custom piece for a nursery, and rehearsal dinner place cards, among other things!

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