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I was so excited to see how this wedding program turned out. This Oxford-based bride was married in Clarksdale and had lots of fresh ideas for incorporating calligraphy into her Big Day. I calligraphed the four-page program, prepared the file for printing and then turned it over to their Clarksdale-based printer. Once printed, the bride hand-stamped each program with her own wax seal with a cross on it. Such a beautiful touch!

Programs can come in many shapes and styles, and this is one area where you can absolutely incorproate calligraphy into your wedding service. Choose to have your entire program hand-lettered, or just the cover and section headings. You can also use a hand-lettered monogram like Corinne and Bryan did.

Contact me here to learn about calligraphy wedding programs and other hand-lettered items for your wedding ceremony and reception!

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