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Want to learn calligraphy? Well I happen to love teaching it!


During our Intro to Calligraphy workshops, we'll learn the basics of modern calligraphy, including:


  • What your supplies are

  • How to make basic strokes

  • How to form letters and flourishes

  • How to form what I call "Party Letters" (everyone's favorite part!)

  • And more


As a student you'll receive a straight calligraphy holder, two nibs, ink, and Beth Hunt Calligraphy practice sheets for lower case letters, upper case letters, numerals and flourishes...and a fun new hobby to enjoy.


Once you've completed an Intro to Calligraphy class, we offer Continuing Calligraphy workshops where you'll advance your skills by learning how to mix colors, address envelopes, and more.


I also offer Private Intro to Calligraphy classes as well as a three-part Private Lesson Package for those who are interested in learning the art of modern calligraphy in a private setting.

"Beth, your calligraphy is beautiful, thank you!" - Michell


"Beth addressed my save the dates five years ago and they were so beautiful that people still ask me who did them! Lots of options and creativity. Also very responsive!" - Leigh


"I took Beth's Intro to Calligraphy class this week and I LOVED every second of it! I cannot wait to take another class!!!" - Kristy


"Took a class from Beth and it was awesome. She was so patient and wonderful at explaining everything. I was worried that with bad handwriting (like mine) I would not enjoy it! I loved every moment and can't wait to practice more!" - Sarah


"I gave a friend one of the beautiful address stamps for Christmas, and she loved it. Beth was great to work with, and it arrived quickly. I highly recommend!" - Val

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